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Famar has a clear idea of work as human commitment and in its development has implemented a specific vision: creating opportunities for the company and for people. That is why, in Famar:
- The average age of the staff is low, under 35.
- "Training" is a basic and constant principle.
- "Knowledge" is a fundamental parameter.
For that reason, training courses are continuously offered in the language field (English and German) and in the technology and IT sectors.

A typical example is the training course for new members of the Technical Department: before starting work at the CAD workstation, new recruits take part in an "apprenticeship" period of about 6 months in the various departments of the company in order to learn what they will design.

This is a path to get closer to the production philosophy, in order to have the right "sense of direction" for the Famar product.
This predisposition is crucial for every area of the company, because a unique product is manufactured and it is essential to have the right vision.

Famar women and men are as demanding of their goals and results as they are of themselves, and this is the best guarantee for the Customer who requires and expects the best solution.

This is what we look for in candidates who want to apply by curriculum vitae.

Is it required to have previous knowledge/experience in mechanics in order to work at Famar?
Previous knowledge in the mechanical field is certainly an advantage, but the training that Famar gives to each new employee allows them to fully understand the company's activities and demonstrates their value within it.
Can I submit my CV without applying for an open position?
Of course, by indicating in the notes that it is a Spontaneous Application.
How can I get an update on the progress of my application?
The response time to an application is generally one week.
If you do not receive any feedback, please contact us by email or by phone +39 011 9367186.
How will my personal information be processed?
Only human resources managers have access to the CV database.
The CVs received will under no circumstances be shown to third parties or companies.



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