Products and processes are constantly developed in order to achieve the company's objectives by involving and committing the entire staff. The objective is continuous improvement, which guarantees the constant product quality that has always been provided by FAMAR Group.


Famar has always invested in the development and welfare of its staff to ensure health, safety and sustainability. It also maintains and develops a certified quality management system that complies with ISO 9001 requirements. All functional areas in Famar are constantly evaluated and employees are empowered to ensure high quality performance so FAMAR can excel in customer satisfaction and personal empowerment.

We are also committed to complying with all environmental regulations, as well as other industry requirements associated with our business.

Our products and related processes are constantly undergoing development to increase energy efficiency combined with responsible environmental waste and emission reduction as certified by the ISO 14001 standard.


It is the world's recognised standard for the implementation of an occupational health and safety management system within a company.

ISO 45001 certification represents Famar's voluntary choice to keep its occupational health and safety management under control by committing to systematically improve its organisation.


The main purpose of ISO 9001 certification is the achievement of customer satisfaction in relation to the products and services supplied, as well as the continuous improvement of company performance, enabling the company to assure its customers of the constant development of the quality of its goods and services over time.

Famar's production processes strictly comply with the international quality management standard.


This is the international regulation which identifies the standards a company must comply with in order to implement an internal environmental management system.

Evaluated by the International Organisation for Standardisation, ISO 14001 certification is not compulsory but represents the voluntary choice by the company to keep the impacts of its activities under control and to make a systematic effort to reduce them.

Famar has always distinguished itself for its strong propensity to protect the environment by reducing emissions resulting from production.

The policy for Quality, Environmental Management, Occupational Health and Safety is aimed at achieving the maximum satisfaction of all parties involved in each phase of the production process, which has always been a fundamental part of the achievement of our corporate objectives.


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