For over 50 years, the Famar Group has been manufacturing machine tools for the machining of various metal parts. The experience gained over many years has allowed the development of machines that can be fully integrated with each other in order to realise and optimise entire production processes.

The ideal partner
for complete production lines.

On the slopes of Mount Pirchiriano, in the shadow of the imposing Sacra di San Michele, is located the Famar Group's production centre, which extends over an area of more than 27,000 square metres.

A modern and technologically advanced plant, destined to produce the most innovative machine tools required by the world market today.

Since 1973, the company has acquired as customers not only the major manufacturers in the automotive field, but also the main producers of trucks, tractors, earth-moving machinery, bearings, gearmotors and many other complementary sectors.

Machines created around
the workpiece to be produced.

All Famar machines are designed and manufactured in relation to the mechanical part to be produced by the Client, guaranteeing the best production result in the shortest possible time. The philosophy that guides Famar's work is to go beyond supplying just a machine, but to offer the complete "production process".

The Famar group follows the creation of its machines from A to Z, starting from the creation of the internal components of the machines to the realisation of the production processes for machining the part.

Ours is a design and construction process that leaves nothing to chance and is carried out step by step in harmony with the customer, guaranteeing the supply of complete production lines, from raw to finished, in perfect harmony with the loading and unloading requirements of the destination plants.

Research and development at the forefront.

As a confirmation of its philosophy, the Famar Group invests heavily in research and development in order to offer the best solutions dedicated to mechanical processing, focusing not only on the perfection of the machined product but paying particular attention to timing, a decisive factor in today's global market.

Famar's international success is the result of its ability to guarantee extreme attention to detail, combined with high safety standards and extremely high productivity.

After 50 years, the company philosophy of the FAMAR Group is still current and ready to accept any challenge, even the most difficult and apparently impossible.