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The Famar philosophy is firmly focused on the customer relationship and serving customer needs. Companies that purchase a Famar machine also purchase access to a series of services of unmistakable added value.


vertical-pick-up-spindle-lathe-services_01-famar Famar holds seminars to familiarize users with modern machine units and with CNC technology, as well as specific training courses for machine operators and maintenance personnel. With a more in-depth understanding of machine tools, their components, their use, and how they work, customers can get the most out of their Famar machines.


vertical-pick-up-spindle-lathe-services_03-famar Famar technicians deal with customer service requests in real time, analyzing the situation and providing specific support to resolve any issue reported. Once the problem is identified and resolved, Customer Service will continue to monitor the machine to ensure the issue is definitively resolved. At the request of customers, Famar technicians will provide on-site assistance anywhere in the world.


vertical-pick-up-spindle-lathe-services_02-famar Famar guarantees delivery of spare parts in the shortest possible time. In Europe, delivery is guaranteed within 24 hours. The Famar Maintenance Service is organized to work as closely as possible with the customer to prevent machine downtime.


vertical-pick-up-spindle-lathe-services_04-famar As a cost-saving alternative, Famar offers its customers the possibility of retrofitting their vertical lathes with new technology. Famar’s experts guarantee quality standards for retrofitted machines equivalent to those for new machines.