Ergo 215

The Famar Ergo 215 vertical lathe is the perfect machine tool for turning mechanical parts of all shapes and materials up to 170 mm.
Extremely stable and precise, the Ergo 215 offers the best technical performance, guaranteeing exceptional and repeatable results over time.

The Famar Ergo 215 vertical lathe is the best solution for a wide range of machining operations, from turning to drilling, milling, hobbing and grinding, all in one machine.

The efficiency of the Ergo family can be observed throughout the life of the machine, with performances and machining safety always at the highest level.

Complete customization and extreme adaptability to the most different machining processes make this machine tool the ideal partner for your company.


Turning capacity

Machinable Ø [mm] 170
Swing Ø [mm] 240
Part length [mm] 200
Machining axes

Total stroke X axis [mm] 610
Machining stroke X axis [mm] 200
Machining stroke Z axis [mm] 265
Machining stroke Y axis (opt.) [mm] 120
Electric spindle

Turning speed [1/min'] 6500
Max power [kW] 31
Max torque [Nm] 198