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Famar. Your machining partner

Whatever the part you want to produce, Famar has the solution to do it. We offer complete systems and machines for stand-alone or integrated processes, which are simple, versatile, and highly productive. Famar is your partner of choice in the supply of vertical lathes for machining parts for motor vehicles, trucks, tractors, earthmoving equipment, bearings, gearboxes, oil couplings, and pumps.

Engines vertical-pick-up-spindle-lathe-engine-machining-box-famar Famar is specialized in machines to produce a vast series of mechanical parts for combustion engines, offering high performance and high precision solutions. Those parts ... Turbochargers vertical-pick-up-spindle-lathe-engine-machining-box-famar With our 40 years’ experience in the engineering and manufacture of vertical pick-up lathes, Famar offers custom-made solutions for the complete machining of ... Clutches vertical-pick-up-spindle-lathe-engine-machining-box-famar Famar’s extensive experience gives it the edge in machining particularly complex parts, such as clutch bodies and rings, and the various parts that make up torque ... Gearboxes vertical-pick-up-spindle-lathe-engine-machining-box-famar Famar has provided innovative solutions for machining gear parts ever since it first started business. That extensive experience is reflected in the stand-alone machines ... Suspensions vertical-pick-up-spindle-lathe-engine-machining-box-famar Famar engineers and develops a wide range of solutions to machine the mechanical parts of chassis, including constant-velocity joints, steering knuckles, disc brakes, ... Other Applications vertical-pick-up-spindle-lathe-engine-machining-box-famar For 40 years, we have served customers that are each unique in their needs. That’s why Famar does not just sell machines, but develops complete, custom-made solutions ...