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Flexibility and state-of-the-art technology custom made

Famar has developed a series of products designed to satisfy the most sophisticated needs of the global market. These include machines that perform individual processes, as well as other, productivity-boosting machines that process pieces “from the raw material to the finished part.” Famar machines are available in standard versions, but can also be customized to meet your production requirements. That means they are fine-tuned perfectly to the part to be machined and to the cycle time required to defend your bottom line, while guaranteeing micrometric precision, even for massive batches.

Experience and ongoing research for cutting-edge solutions

Forty years of experience and expertise in machine tools has left Famar with a core legacy reflected in the overriding focus placed on satisfying customers’ different individual needs. Famar works in close partnership with customers to develop the best production system to meet their requirements—from the identification of the process itself to the development of the best solution to put it into practice. Famar’s ultimate goal is never the mere sale of a machine. It is the complete satisfaction of the customer. That’s why from the sales office to the drawing board, the emphasis is always on the search for new innovative solutions, backed by timely and effective consultancy.


The strength of this approach lies in the involvement of Famar’s entire engineering and production teams in four key stages:

feasibility study;

customization of the machine to meet the customer’s requirements;

testing at Famar premises and at the customer’s site;

ongoing assistance and support after installation.

Choosing your Famar machine

Famar’s broad range covers a wide gamut of production operations. Choosing the right machine for your machining needs can be done via one of two approaches: by product family or by type of application.

CHOOSING BY RANGE vertical-pick-up-spindle-lathe-choice-application-famar A simple, straightforward way of exploring the world of Famar machines. CHOOSING BY APPLICATION vertical-pick-up-spindle-lathe-choice-application-famar A clear guide to identifying the right machine on the basis of its production application.