Famar has a very precise idea of work as human endeavor. As the company has grown, it has pursued a very specific mission of creating opportunities for both the company and people.

The average age of employees is under 35 years.
“Training” is a first and constant principle.
“Knowledge” is fundamental.

This is why such an emphasis is placed on training and learning, with courses provided to improve language skills (English and German), computer skills, and technological know-how.
An example is the training program for people joining the Technical Dept. Before even beginning with CAD, all new recruits complete a six-month “apprenticeship” in each of the company’s various departments, so as to gain a better appreciation of what it is they will be designing. It is a program that introduces them to the production philosophy and guides them through the world of Famar. Such experience of all areas of the company is essential to creating a product that stands out and is unique, as it enables a holistic view that is fundamental.
Famar men and women are high-achievers who strive to meet objectives and deliver results, and set high standards for themselves. What better guarantee for customers who demand only the best?

This is the approach and mentality that we seek in people who wish to candidate themselves by sending in a résumé.

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